Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Whiner or winner?

In an apparent attempt to look less French John Kerry has gone for the Orange look.

This is probably his people testing a look for the debates coming up on Thursday. I hope they go with this look so that it will be that much more entertaining. The debate on Thursday looks like it could be the death knell for this campaign. It will be focusing on Foreign Policy, bad news for Kerry. In fact when the democrats insisted on three debates they may have insured that Kerry will lose at least the first one. Read the whole article it's great.

Yesterday W came out in his speech and just blasted Kerry with a truly hilarious quote:
Mr. Kerry "could spend 90 minutes debating himself," Mr. Bush said.
"It's been a little tough to prepare for the debate because he keeps changing his positions, especially on the war," Mr. Bush said with a chuckle during a campaign swing through southern Ohio.
It's funny cause it's true!! If the debate were to be a straight argument between the two of them Bush would have the a huge advantage because all he would have to do is quote Kerry endorsing the opposite positions.

Predictably Kerry comes back with the whining.
"When U.S. soldiers are in harm's way, the American people don't want jokes and fantasy spin from their president; they want to hear the truth," he said.
Hey he's right, how about some more doom and gloom rhetoric? Or how about he insult some of the Nations that actually are helping us? Nope he tells his own joke:
"I've had one position all the way, folks," he said at a town-hall meeting in Wisconsin. "I thought we ought to stand up and hold Saddam Hussein accountable, but only if we did it the right way."
Do I even need to comment on this? Who of the genuine American people who read this blog can recall more than one position on the war? How dare he tell us not to joke? He has become the second biggest joke in the country behind Dan Rather. Just look at the kind of month his campaign has had.

But the sad thing is that he is serious. Read this article very very carefully. This is probably the most truthful look at Candidate Kerry as you will find.
His habit of soliciting one more point of view prompted one close adviser to say he had learned to wait until the last minute before weighing in: Mr. Kerry, he said, is apt to be most influenced by the last person who has his ear. His aides rejoiced earlier this year when Mr. Kerry yielded his cellphone to an aide, a move they hoped would limit his distractions in seeking out contrary opinions.
Do you see the trend? He has no core principles he's basing his actions or policy on. In a stark contrast to the President he is always seeking information on what the people want to hear or what will go over best. This is the biggest reason for his flip-flops. No message. No platform other than he should be president because he's "Jooooohn Kerry"and he would create legitimate alliances and use diplomacy to fight a more sensitive war on terror. Good luck with that. How do you think he would lead this country if he were elected? He would have to get everyone's opinion and then pick the one that looks best. Do any of you have any doubt about how our current President makes decisions? Do you think Dubya let's it bother him when people criticize him?

He is also incredibly hampered by the fact that the democratic party is split party. You have your fringe moonbats who should not be trusted with heavy machinery. You have the people who only hate Bush and that's enough. Then you have your people like Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller who share a lot of values with Republicans, especially on foreign policy. Because of this he can't separate his criticism of the way the President has run the war on terror in the past, from the way that he would act if he is elected. The only strategy for appealing to all of these constituencies is to make Bush look bad. And they do love to do that. Bush's moral absolutism drives them so crazy, they love to hate him. But in exhibiting so much hate they have set themselves up in a position where anything that is good for the country is bad for them. And anything bad for the country is good for them. Christopher Hitchens, no conservative himself, has a great Rush parroting article.

So what does that leave him? He can't be a complete dove or complete hawk. So he's basically reduced to whining.  
Kerry said the avalanche of negative television spots and attacks being shown on US screens was scaring off voters.

"Americans need a real conversation over our future," Kerry said in a speech at a school in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

"What they don't need is all these trumped up advertisements, they just make people curl up and walk away," added the Massachusetts senator.

"I'm calling them 'misleadisments,'" Kerry said of the adverts. "It's all scare tactics ... because (Bush) has no record to run on."
Where was he when the President called for a stop to all of the 527 ads? And would he care to acknowledge the fact that comparing Bush to Hitler is more of a scare tactic than repeating a candidates own words? And btw what happened to "Bring it on"?