Thursday, September 30, 2004

A word on the debates

The first and probably most important debate of the three scheduled is tonight. And I really have only one thing to say about: watch them for yourselves. The news media has spent the last couple of days lowering expectations for John Kerry in these debates. They are saying things like he's aloof, and even making jokes about his oompa-loompaness. So if Kerry comes out looking even the least little bit human the media is going to go bonkers. They'll say things like "He shocked everyone with how human and down to earth he looked" etc. But regardless of what they say I garantee you that the debate you read about in the newspaper tomorrow will not be the one you would see live on TV. So if at all possible watch it for yourself, and encourage others to do so too. We can't let the media decide people's opinion's on this.

Debate prep reading:
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