Friday, October 01, 2004

A lot of conservatives are down today. The consensus being that John Kerry 'won' the debate last night. I did not watch the debates. I know! I know! I'm hypocritical! I told you to watch it then I didn't watch it myself. I will get to why I didn't watch it in a later post. I read the transcript this morning and listened to sound bites on the radio and I have to say that I disagree with anyone who thinks that John Kerry is going to benefit from this debate. Honestly I think that he'd gone about as low as he could go heading in to the debate and there weren't a lot of swing votes left to win at this point. Kerry may have looked better, he may have been more eloquent, he may have sounded strong. But think about what he SAID!!! He gave our president so many shells to put in his shotgun it's amazing. I will demonstrate my point; this morning when the DNC released a video ad of the debate it was basically a long clip of reaction shots from Bush. And they played music over it, like we are going to base our vote for president on who makes the best music video with their face. The republican video? It came out today too. It was John Kerry TALKING, contradicting himself numerous times, dodging questions and outright lying! I think Bush missed an excellent chance to pummel John Kerry, if I were there the temptation would have been to great to just hammer him in a hawkish way. But the President didn't, he let Kerry off easy a good number of times. Looking back I guess we should have expected it, after all he was more than gracious when Clinton was putting his picture up in the Whitehouse.

I was going to come in and write a long post about all of the things Kerry said, the places he stepped in it, the places where he kept digging when the grave really was deep enough. But I am slow and lots of people on the internet have beat me to it. I will comment in the future a little but for now just read these guys, they are great!

James Taranto Be sure to look at those polls.
LT. Smash
John Podhertz
And don't miss Instapundit's ongoing coverage, or Hugh's.

I will make a prediction about the debate on Tuesday. I think Cheney will come out as the attack dog. I think he will be ruthless in his indictment of the Kerry campaign. That's the way it's been so far, Bush saying he respects Kerrry and his service, Cheney saying that we're more likely to get nuked if Kerry wins. Watch for it.