Friday, October 15, 2004

The American Spectator

Many people, myself included, were frustrated during the debates at Bush's hesitency to nail Kerry to the wall on some of his more obvious lies. I came away from the debates wishing that I could have been debating Kerry instead of Bush. One thing that I hadn't taken into account was how much respect Bush has for the office of the President. Think about how friendly he was when the Clintons had their pictures put in the Whitehouse. I think we have to remember that as the leader of the free world, there are some things that the President just can't say. What the President can't say: The American Spectator

Kerry has no such restrictions. In fact he, and all democrats in this election cycle, have demonstrated the willingness to do or say anything to get Bush out of the Whitehouse. Not the least of which is Kerry's gay-baiting using Dick Cheney's daughter.