Monday, October 18, 2004


John Kerry and the democratic party have pulled out a few more stops this weekend in their desperate attempt to take back the Whitehouse.
On Saturday he brought up the the draft again.
"With George Bush, the plan for Iraq is more of the same and the great potential of a draft," Mr. Kerry told reporters and editors of the Des Moines Register, which published his remarks yesterday.
The only reason to make such a baseless claim is to scare people away from voting for someone. This was also the reason that two democrats proposed a silly draft bill in the senate. They said they wanted to "open the discussion" about the possibility, and ended up voting against their own bill. Do you see what I mean? "If you vote for Bush then the draft will come back."

But that wasn't all. He also tries to slam Bush for the flu vaccine shortage:
Kerry said some people will have to have luck on their side -- pointing out that one New Jersey community will hold a lottery to see who gets the shots it has available.

Kerry says the administration's bottom line approach to health care is simply "don't get sick."
Translation: "If you vote for Bush you won't be able to get medicine when you get sick". It's hard to put into words how patently ridiculous this insinuation is. As stated below in the Rush monologue, any shortage is a direct result of the type of thinking that Kerry displays in making that kind of accusation. The mentality that it's the governments responsibility to regulate and procure flu vaccine is exactly what got us here. It leads to the deprivatization of the industry, which ultimately results in us having to import drugs and rely on foreign industries to keep us healthy. And I thought John Kerry was the against sending our jobs and money out of the country.

This is just scare tactics. Nothing inEurope the Bush health care policy resulted in a vaccine shortage, the "shortage" came when a batch we imported from Europe went bad. And as of this point there really is no reason to be scared:
U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said Monday there will be enough flu vaccine available for most people who need it and told seniors to stop standing in long lines to get a shot.

``We want people to relax,'' Thompson said at a news conference. ``The flu season is not here. ... This is not an emergency right now.''
It's only an emergency when it's an election year and the only way you can get elected is by lying and scaring everyone away from your opponent.

Exhibit 3 of democratic desperation was John Kerry in a church on Sunday telling people that Bush would privatize Social Security:
"This might be a good surprise for the wealthy and well-connected, but it's a disaster for the middle class," Kerry told the congregation at Mount Olivet Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio. "The President's privatization plan for Social Security is another way of saying to our seniors that the promise of security is going to be broken."
Ok first of all if a Republican would say something like this from a pulpit, as Kerry did, there would be massive outcry in the media for "separation of church and state". Indeed some churches have had their non-profit status revoked for saying Republican like things. But here's what he's trying to say: "If you vote for Bush you won't be able to get your social security check anymore. All of the selfish young people in the country will be hording the money instead of taking care of you with it." He's trying to start class warfare. That and scare a lot of senior citizens that they are going to end up on the street. In the article linked above is the real story about the Presidents proposed social security reform:
Indeed, the president has only endorsed allowing younger Americans to put a small percentage of their Social Security payroll taxes into private accounts, as a way to extend the life of the federal retirement program. Experts say this would, in essence, partially privatize the system but by no means end the public Social Security system.
More here and here. Now I wonder why all of the scare tactics have come out this weekend? It's because early voting started there on Monday. I think that the democrats were making a pre-emptive strike to scare out the vote before their lies and deceptions could be uncovered. I don't know how effective it will be, I think most people at this point, especially in places like Florida have already made up their minds.

But it is very indicative of the kind of candidate John Kerry is. This is a man who will do and say anything to get elected. He has no core values to operate from that I can tell, other than he thinks he should be president. He has no moral base that he uses to make desicsidecisionons from. The pessimism and cynicism that he has brought to the campaign is depressing. He is unwilling to see anything as good news unless it hurts the President politically. Why is this? It's because he can't put himself out there as an alternative. If he does they will see that he is an opportunistic tax and spend liberal with a pre 9/11 worldview. He would not get elected with that kind of platform and he knows this. So he is reduced to throwing mud on anything pro-Bush regardless of whether it is good for the country or not. I am sick of it, I am sick of that tactic. I am very proud to be an American, and I don't need John Kerry or his buddies at the New York Times and CBS telling me any little thing that is wrong in this country is Bush's fault. Stop insulting my intelligence!