Monday, October 04, 2004

Good news finally

This past weekend our troops in Samarra, part of the Suni Triangle, wrested control of the city away from the insurgent terrorists. What is exciting about this operation was the number of Iraqi troops that were involved in the operation. 2000 Iraqi's fought along side 3000 Americans in taking back the city. This is great news for the situation over there. Some newspapers have tried to put a negative spin on it and are still pessimistic. However the success of this operation is undeniable. I have heard rumors from people who work at CNN that there is a lot of repressed video footage of the Iraqis celebrating the capture of some "insurgents". This of course will not make the air or be printed. They only thing they are want to print is negative opinions and bad assesments of the security situation. Now while I don't think that they should be sugar coating the situation over there, and I am not naive enough to think that they are just now turning sensationalistic. I can't help but notice the lack of stories about the good things that are happening in Iraq. You don't see stories like this or this in the newspaper. And this site has gotten very little attention that I've been able to collect.

But there is good news and it's not hard to find. Don't miss Chrenkoff's monthly "Good News From Iraq". If you haven't been reading them, take some time and go back and read a few. They are very encouraging and if half of this stuff is true then the situation can't be as bad as you see on TV. Or as bad as you hear John Kerry or Al Gore talk about. Check out some of the miliblogs like Citizen Smash or BLACKFIVE for a unique perspective on the war and politics.