Thursday, October 07, 2004


I have been a movie fan for a very very long time. Probably since that first time my parents introduced me to the Star Wars movies. Ever since I was a really small child I have loved the art of story telling. I read constantly, the trips to the library were the highlights of my week. As I got older and had less time to read fiction, because of school and work, that love of story telling translated into a love of movies. Recently a list went around of the supposed 100 best movies of all time. You were supposed to highlight the ones you had seen and pass the list on. I had seen 96 of the movies. And I can remembered almost all of them enough to argue at the ranking of the movies(I mean who rates Shawshank Redeption above The Godfather? Ridiculous!).

I used to be obsessed with movies and movie making. I read all the reviews and movie websites. However just since I have been paying attention the quality of the film making has gone down. But that's a discussion for another post. One of the websites that I used to read every day was called It used to be a sort of anti-Hollywood site. They would have spies on the sets of upcoming movies. And when studios would secretly preview the movie to a focus group, some of the people who attended would email reviews of the movie before it was released. I used to be so up on movies that I had read reviews before most people had heard of them. But over the last couple of years the site and the people who run it have gotten bigger in the hollywood scene. And the site has degenerated into just a regular movie news site with links to trailers. It has also gotten pretty crass in an apparent attempt to be more edgy. Needless to say the apeal of the site has gone down cosiderably for me. I check it maybe every two weeks.

I just happend to check it last night to see what was up. I was surprised to see a report about the Liberty Film Festival. The reason I was surprised was because of the huge support that Farenheit 9/11 got from AICN. And the comments section of the articles were usually filled with crass moonbat rantings. So this was kind of a shock(warning profanity is used in the article):
"And it turns out that I’m not the only one. This weekend, at the first annual LIBERTY FILM FESTIVAL in Los Angeles, I discovered a sold-out theater full or non-liberal film geeks, studio execs, actors, writers, directors, agents, and cute Bushies. It was three full days of anti-Michael Moore, pro-American Dream cinema. For a while it felt like I was in...America. But alas, when it was all over, I realized I was still in Los Angeles."
Most of the films talked about here are 'answer films' to Farenheit 9/11. And it's no wonder why, he is so loose with the facts in his movie it just begs to be pointed out. Check out for various and asundry rebuttals. I intend to see as many of these films as possible and order the DVD's of any that I can't. Right now Farenhype 9/11 is available on DVD and is a wonderful watch. The one that I hope to see most is Brainwashing 101 seeing as it deals with acedemic bias.