Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Random commentor becomes Exhibit A.

In response to my post from yesterday someone wrote this:
millersam said…

Where is Osama?

Why couldn't Bush get rid of him in 3 years?

Shouldn't that have been job #1 after 9/11?

Didn't Bush promise us to smoke him out?
This man, obviously a Kerry supporter, has demonstrated the kind of pre 9/11 thinking that disqualifies Kerry from being a legitimate Commander In Chief.

In Kerry's and millersam's world this is still a law enforcement operation. Track down Osama and people who helped him plan the attack. Kill or arrest them. Boom! Terrorist threat neutralized! World = Safe! I hate to break it to you millersam but that approach was already tried. Remember the first time the World Trade Centers were bombed? Guess what, we caught the guys who did it. They were Al Qaeda operatives working for Osama. I think we caught five of them. That didn't stop them from attacking us multiple times during the 90's. USS Cole, Khobar Towers.....9/11 etc! It was this kind of mindset that led to Mogadishu and Black Hawk Down. It was this kind of mindset that lead Osama to label us a "Paper Tiger".

Yes getting Osama was the #1 priority post 9/11. But the Bush doctrine was so much more than that. Turning the hunt for the terrorists from a law enforcement operation into a military one. And requiring the sharing of information between law enforcement and intelligence services was a huge step forward. Under the Bush doctrine we not only go after the people who perpetrated the attack, but anyone and everyone who helps terrorists. This includes people like the Taliban and Saddam who let terrorists stay within their borders while planning attacks. This also includes people who help them financially, logistically, and verbally. "If you are not with us you are against us." So yes it would be great to have confirmation of Osama's whereabouts. But he's just one man. We've killed or captured hundreds of Al Qaeda members. We've taken away their havens in Afghanistan and Iraq. Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Yemen to name a few are helping us track more of them. Osama was more of a religious figurehead and leader anyway. And is he leading right now? Is he inspiring his troops via recorded video as before?

Me personally I think he is dead in a cave somewhere. I think that we sent a daisy cutter right down his throat in Afghanistan. Now obviously I don't know this for sure. But I don't believe that he could have resisted the urge to flaunt our failure to capture him to this extent. Even if he is alive I think Bush has done a tremendous job of crippling his organization. And I wish(although I don't expect it to happen) that John Kerry would stop acting like OBL is the only terrorist in the world. And if we just killed him the war would be over. And millersam is probably the kind of person who actually believes we "outsourced" the job of killing Osama at Tora Bora. I choose to believe the man who was actually IN CHARGE of the operation!