Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Flashback - Rockstar Condi

In '99 Jay Nordlinger wrote a piece about Condoleeza Rice. In it he talks about what a brilliant woman she is. And I happen to agree. Read the whole thing:
Rice was graduated at 19 and went to Notre Dame, for a master's degree. She returned to Denver for her Ph.D. and arrived at Stanford to be an assistant professor when she was 26. Eight years later, Scowcroft selected her for his NSC staff. While she was there, the new governor of California, Pete Wilson, considered appointing her to a U.S. Senate seat (which he himself had just vacated). She signaled to him, however, that she did not desire the appointment ("and I don't think I would have received it anyway"). If she had received and accepted it, she — not Carol Moseley-Braun, elected from Illinois in 1992 — would have been the first black woman to serve in the Senate.
This nation needs Condi Rice.