Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Reading Wednesday

Well it's wednesday so that means I'm going to round up good reading that I've found recently. I'll do my best to categorize it. There will be some news and some editorials. Oh just read it if it sounds interesting to you.

Washington shakeup, a lot has been said about the Bush cabinet shakeup. It looks as though he's gearing up for battle, and is serious about pushing his own agenda. And why not? He won one of the biggest elections of all time with some of the biggest coatails ever. Tony Blankly thinks it will be a big fight and the Bush apointees must come loaded for bear. Dick Morris has some thoughts on the second term. Christopher Hitchens has an extensive piece about the Powell state department. Beware though Hitchens isn't exactly a conservative. The CIA situation is going to be interesting. The agency who has been very democratic during this administration, to the extent of purposly leaking pessimistic reports about the Iraq war to the liberal press. Apparently Porter Goss has been making waves and is shaking things up. Now the democrats are in a quandry on this one. On one hand they all have expressed support of the 9/11 Commission's recomendation to reform intelligence services. But they really want to get angry when the Bush administration tries to bring in people loyal to it's agenda. Stephen Hayes has the goods.

International, Chrenkoff has a Polish surprise. Good Guys Against the Bad Guys is a must read article, don't miss it. Funny, but not. And here are some Lessons From Fallujah. And Froggy Ruminations has thoughts about the supposed "murder" of an insurgent.

And finally the Oil For Food scam. Kofi should come clean or get out of the way. Because if this is true: Probe: Oil-for-Food Money Went to Palestinian Bombers' Families, then the UN should be shut down and cleaned out. I'm serious this is just getting ridiculous. No wonder the UN wouldn't enforce it's 17 resolutions against Iraq. Captain Ed has thoughts. And Roger L Simon chimes in.

That's all for now, if I find anything else I will update this post. Meanwhile check Drudge and Instapundit.