Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Over at Polipundit they are having a battle with Mr.Kuntsman. Check out how DJ takes the guy to task:
Your side lost, not because the President was eloquent, nor because 59 million voters are somehow ignorant or deceived, nor because of trickery nor because of fate. You lost, because the President did not lie, because he has done a good job in difficult times, made harder because the men who ought to have put aside partisanship in time of crisis, instead tried to use deceit and slander to pretend a falsehood. America has not, sir, forgotten that the documents contrived to attack the President’s Guard service were false. America has not forgotten that a film which lied about the President’s motives and purposes for his policies, was cast as a ‘documentary‘, and is so hateul against Americans that it is used to recruit terrorists. America has not forgotten that men who voted for the War pretended otherwise when they saw a chance for political gain, and matched that against a President willing to risk his political future in order to do what is right. Even now, you try to claim Bush lied. The lie is your own, sir, and you are caught in it.