Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Today is Wednesday so I'm going to list some of the things I've been reading all week.

As you probably already know the battle for Fallujah has begun. We've let that place be a haven for terrorists for way to long in my opinion. But I will qualify that statement by saying that I am not a military person on the ground and I am not involved with the delicate political process over there. And I trust the people we have on the ground to do the job right. As has been the nature of the coverage from that country you are likely to hear news spun in a negative way. But the people at the Belmont Club, Fourth Rail, and Winds Of Change are providing some great coverage you won't find in the papers.

On the Democratic meltdown Secession- Tony Blankly

Slouching Toward Canada- Suzanne Fields

Crush Kerry endorses Howard Dean for the DNC chair.

Across The Pond- WSJ

51 Percent Nation- Michael Barone

No Party Man- Jonah Goldberg

Democrats Need To Get Religion- Mort Kondracke

A Liberal for Bush- Warning foul language!(It's a liberal what do you expect?)

Bush did better in every state than in 2000.

From the Van Gogh murder case

Well that's all for now. Tomorrow I will update the Fallujah situation and give tribute to the Veterans.