Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Going Nuclear

Polipundit had a great post yesterday called Going Nucklear:
That determination to blame America first, especially on all things nuclear, continued into the debate on the decision to invade Iraq, where the Left put the whole question solely in WMD terms, ignoring a brutal regime willing to torture children (when Marines freed the children, for some reason this was not a big story for Rather, Brokaw, or Jennings), and rape women as a manner of policy expression, to say nothing of the mass graves we have found. Here’s a point: The number of bodies in the mass graves in Iraq far outnumbers the total loss of life in the Tsunami disaster, yet the MSM has never yet made a major story of it, nor has any nation not in the Coalition done a single thing to help the victims.
Excellent read. Go check it out and follow some of the links.