Friday, January 14, 2005

I just read an amazing article at Opinion about the cracking of lefty bias on college campuses. It is a long but excellent read. I can't really excerpt much from it because that would be selling it short. You need to go read the whole thing. Right now. Just do it.

One of the more interesting points brought up in this article is the aspect of rebellion. Everyone knows that it is human nature to rebel against authority. Indeed, it has become a social norm for kids of middle school to college age to rebel against those in authority. So when you are in a college setting and every professor, advisor, dean and whatnot is trying to cram leftism down your throat, it's almost natural that a 18-21 year old would rebel. Especially when the indoctrination takes place in the form of political correctness which basically amounts to speech codes. Honestly I don't expect "Punk Rockers for Christ" to become prevalent(although stranger things have happened). But I do think that the blatant leftism will help conservative students solidify their beliefs instead of converting their ideology. In fact I think blatant lefty bias on campus is probably more likely to create conservative voters than liberal ones. My reasoning is this, more people 'live' conservative lifestyles than truly 'live' by leftist ideology. Think about it, if a student is a democrat and a marketing major. When some Liberal professor starts raving about the evils of capitalism, whose cause will benefit?

While living in a college town and working for a university I have observed the leftist bias first hand. My take on this is that there should more be diversity of thought on campuses(I just love throwing liberal's power words back at them). There is plenty of racial and ethnic diversity. Lord knows we have enough Indian and Chinese professors(I'll rant about their grasp of the english language some other time). But diversification of ideas is sorely lacking. Universities should allow both sides to be seen and heard without demeaning anyone for taking one side or another. A good step towards this would be to stop making rules about offending other people. If you disagree with someone you should be able to express your disagreement without fearing the ramifications of offending someone. Now if you express yourself by tearing up signs, spray painting buildings, egging cars and the like, then you should be prosecuted. It's amazing that some people think that they are garanteed the right not to be offended. It's downright Orwellian. But I doubt colleges will move in that direction unless forced. Socialist ideas are just to ingrained.