Thursday, March 24, 2005

Same Old Story

It looks as though Tim Kaine is going to take a page from the Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and Mark Warner politocal playbook. You know the one where if you have a stance on a particular issue that will lose you votes (TAX INCREASES!!!) simply acuse your opponent of being weak on said issue. Kaine will try to paint Kilgore as the fiscal boogey man in the upcoming elections despite being a key player in pushing tax increases through last year.
Tim Kaine for lower taxes?:
"Whatever else one can say about Virginia Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine, even his harshest detractors will have to acknowledge that he has a great sense of humor and a lot of political chutzpah. How else can one explain his current effort -- after nearly four years of working in tandem with Gov. Mark Warner to increase taxes -- to run for governor as a champion of tax relief, while depicting Attorney General Jerry Kilgore -- the likely Republican nominee and an anti-tax stalwart -- as the fiscally irresponsible candidate and foe of the taxpayer? "
Read the whole thing.

At this point I'd have to give a huge advantage to Kilgore. He has the support of some very high profile republicans, including the most popular Virginia politician in recent memory in George Allen. Kaine on the other hand recently had to warn Howard Dean to stay away from his campaign, except for sending money of course. Money = yes, Stump Screaming = No.