Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ben Stein on Tom Delay

Ben Stein makes takes a stand for Tom Delay in the The American Spectator. He makes some good points, particularly number 2:
The attack against him in the Texas courts are an outrageous -- but sadly emblematic -- Democrat attempt to use the judicial system to defeat the electoral process. The DA who is tormenting him is the same one who made up an indictment of Kay Bailey Hutchison out of whole cloth to try to reverse the results of a solid electoral victory by the Republican party in Texas.

If this kind of deviltry works, we can expect local Democrat district attorneys to routinely indict any Republican who is successfully turning out the electorate for the Republican Party. No elected official, no bureaucrat, is more unaccountable than an out of control, hatchet job prosecutor, and this is just what we are seeing at work against Tom DeLay.
Funny how everything comes back to the courts these days. It's probably because the judiciary is the last bastion of Democratic/Liberal domination. The judical appointment fight is going to be incredibly important this summer.

Now if only I could win some of Ben Stein's money.