Tuesday, April 19, 2005

There has been a lot of talk coming from the left after the Terri Schaivo case saying that Republicans and the "Religious Right" want to impose theocratic rule on this country. Pretty much in the same way that if we disagree with the affirmative action crowd we are racists. Our opinions are dismissed out right as drivel. When trying to discuss polititcs with a liberal I find that instead of offering counter opinions or presenting alternative logic they will do one of two things(or both); he will offer a stream of malicious non sequitors regarding Republican leadership or ignore my point of view and accuse me of being mean sprited and hate-mongering. I have never had a liberal say "I disagree here's why.." unless of course it's "I disagree here's why.....you're a blankety-blank". The book I'm reading now, South Park Conservatives, calls this illiberal Liberalism. An interesting term I think. James Lileks looks at this same phenomenom in his Newhouse column:
This is what you expect from the opposition these days -- not just arguments, but utter demonization with a tenuous connection to facts. Yes, yes, it's predictable; the side out of power hates the other side. Stop the presses.

But this nonsense hasn't moderated since the election. It has become the standard tone for modern politics, and this is not healthy for the Republic or other living things. Once we believe that the other side is motivated by the desire to grind the face of humanity under the corporate boot -- or, conversely, herd everyone into IKEA-designed Euro-socialist pens -- then everything it does isn't just suspect, but bald, plain proof of perfidy.
Read the whole thing, he gives some excellent examples.

So it's theocracy for us to base our descisions and opinions on our faith. But it's ok for the leader of the Democratic party to encourage using the death of a human as a political ammunition. Got it?