Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Letter to Senator Warners Office

Mr. Senator,
I am writing you today to tell you how extremely displeased I am with your conduct regard to the judicial nominees put forth by our President.

I am a conservative Republican who comes from a very conservative family. And from where I sit it looks to me as though you and 6 fellow senators have caved in to pressure from the Democrats.

The reasons given for opposing these nominees were demonstrably untenable to a ridiculous degree and amounted to bold-faced unapologetic obstructionism. This should have been met with steadfastness and resolve on your part and the part of your colleagues in the Senate.

The argument that you were trying to reach a deal to preserve the tradition of the Senate is a laughable non-sequiter. It is traditional for the sitting President to have his nominees voted on and confirmed regardless of which party is in the majority.

The Democrats are the minority party which traditionally has not blocked judicial nominees from having a Senate floor vote. What have you done to preserve this tradition?

The issue of confirming these judges is not about you or about the good press you and John McCain will receive. You were elected by conservatives on conservative principles so that you could serve conservative ideals. The issue is that this country needs good judges in the courts to stem the tide of judicial activism that is tearing at its very fabric. You were elected to serve Republican interests not the interests of the Washington Post and New York Times.

Conservatives, who make up a majority in this Country, have their rights assaulted every day by liberal judges who make rulings that are clearly contrary to the mainstream. So Conservatives have elected a majority to Congress, as well as a Conservative President. We put our faith in you and in other Senate Republicans to uphold the principles that we support and supported you for. This includes fair and conservative judges being treated fairly in a traditional manner.

You need to explain to us why we shouldn't feel betrayed by you. You need to explain to why 7 of the 10 nominees to the appellate courts will not get a fair vote. You need to explain to us why you are letting the Democratic minority decide which judges are "extreme cases". You need to explain to us why you were collaborating with an incredibly liberal Democrat. You need to explain to us why you think the Democrats will act any less ruthless and underhanded than in the past in regard to filibusters.

Without any explanation of these things we can only assume that you sold out. If satisfactory answers to these questions are not quickly forthcoming you stand to loose a lot of support in this your home state.

I am yours awaiting answers.
Jeremy Austin.