Tuesday, May 24, 2005

RINO's New Deal

Well unless you are living under a rock today you know that a deal has been reached to avoid the Constitutional Option in the Senate. You can read the entire text of the deal here. Short version: 3 judges will be given up or down votes, 2 will not, Dems won't filibuster nominees except in "extrordinary cases".

The reaction is mixed from both sides. I do not like the deal in the least. Why should we pander to the obstructionists? We shouldn't! They have given no legitimate example of how these judges are extreme.

National Review gives their take:
There are several reasons for worry about these Republicans’ will to enforce the deal. First, according to one plausible reading of the text of the deal, they would have to accuse their Democratic colleagues not just of disagreeing about what constitutes an “extraordinary circumstance,” but of bad faith. Will they really have the gumption to make that accusation about their honored colleague from etc.? Especially after basking in the glow of mainstream-media praise for how this band of 14 brothers and sisters has been an example to us all?
The media of course is going to just slobber all over themselves praising these 14 senators. And John McCain will have lots more TV time. Joy. He has already been on a morning tv news show and done an NPR interview.

American Spectator is optimistic:
Several Republican senators involved in negotiations swore that not only will the six Bush nominees be given an up or down vote, but that Democrats in the room were aware that Republicans involved in the negotiations had agreed to vote cloture on Myers as well, and that Democratic negotiators had agreed that such a move could take place, thus also allowing Myers an up or down vote in the Senate. "Assuming that our guys hold themselves to that promise," says another Republican staffer working on the Judiciary committee, "then we're looking at a clean sweep for confirmations."
Honestly I think that only time will tell who will benefit from this deal. Will the Republicans get pushed around and let the Democrats call anyone to the right of Karl Marx a extremist?

The leftists also are not extremely happy. Three judges that they put a lot of time and money in to hating are going to be confirmed.

Check out the comments over at Commonwealth Conservative. There is a mixed reaction of sorts, to say the least. I am mostly just disapointed in our own senator John Warners involvement. Specifically his colaboration with Robert Byrd to redifine the "advise and consent" clause in the constitution. I am composing a letter to him and will email it this afternoon. You can email him here if you wish. I will post my missive on here after I have sent it.

More to come, I'm still sorting out how I feel about this.(In other words I'm trying not to feel outraged)