Thursday, May 12, 2005


From the Washington Times
Mr. Galloway, one of British Prime Minister Tony Blair's more ferocious critics over the Iraq war, quit the Labor Party and won an upset victory over a Blair supporter for a seat in Parliament in the May 5 election.
The British lawmaker last year won judgments against the London Daily Telegraph and the Christian Science Monitor after they ran stories relying on forged Iraqi Foreign Ministry documents that Mr. Galloway had been paid directly by Saddam Hussein in the early 1990s.
'I have never seen a barrel of oil, never owned one, never bought one, never sold one,' Mr. Galloway insisted in a 2003 interview.
But Senate investigators say they based their findings on different documents from the Iraqi Oil Ministry files and from direct testimony from Saddam aides.
Documentary evidence released by the subcommittee indicates that Mr. Pasqua received the right to buy 11 million barrels of oil from the Saddam regime between May 1999 and December 2000, often using a Swiss firm as a front.
U.S. and Iraqi investigators think Saddam used the discount allocations to buy political backing around the world as he tried to undermine U.N.-imposed sanctions. "
This is shocking! Shocking I tell you! Who would have thought that the biggest opponents of the war were making millions off of Iraqi oil? Wait....anyone who read the Deulfer report would know that Saddam was trying to get UN sanctions lifted so he could restart his WMD programs.

Back to the article I want to point out something. Saddam basically succeeded with his bribes. Not in lifting the UN sanctions but in generating anti-Americanism. He's in jail but he's got most of Euope, a majority of the proffessors in this country, a good many Democrats, and almost everyone involved in the MSM convinced that the war was a mistake.

Want an example(aside from turning on CNN)? Check out this quote in the same article:
Michigan Sen. Carl Levin, the ranking Democrat on the Senate investigation panel, said the new findings show that "the United States and other U.N. Security Council members made a fundamental mistake in allowing Saddam Hussein to award oil-for-food contracts and issue oil allocations."
See we should have just not let him award those contracts instead of going to war. Then everyone would be safe and happy.