Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More Gitmo

More and more Gitmo talk in the news these days. Some people want to close the place down under the stupid pretense of improving our international image. I have some news of my own caving to international pressure to be nice to terrorists will not keep us safe or help us win this war.

A cool blog that I found Bird Of Paradise looks at what a it would be like if a lib(Chuck Hagel of Nebraska) tried to interogate a prisoner:
Hagel: Hi, there....I mean, salaam (or is it shalom? D**m all these Arab words sound alike!). I'm sorry to interrupt your evening that "duck a l'orange?" Mmmmm......(D**m, all I got at the officer's club was chick peas and gravy!). Oh, where was I.....yes....have you got a few minutes? I mean, you're not too busy right now? Can I talk with you, please? You're not going anywhere tonight, are you? Hah, hah! That's a joke, son! Did you get it? ....."going somewhere?" That's funny isn't it?

al-Qahtani: Huh? What the....? Who are you? What do you want? Answer me right now or I'll slit your throat with this plastic spork!
The whole thing is hilarious in a sad sort of way.

The whole closing down the Gitmo fuss is obviously a play by the democrats to get something that can be interpreted as an admission of guilt out of the administration. They haven't had anything to validate their "America is the root of all evil" claims lately. If Gitmo closes there will be no end to the finger pointing and "I told you so" screaming in Bush's direction. Not to mention the loss of one of the best sources of intelligence related to this war.