Thursday, July 14, 2005

Clown Wilson

Ann Coulter is being Ann Coutler again. This time she picks an easy target: Joe Wilson.
"Despite the colloquialism being used on TV to describe the relevant criminal offense, the law does not criminalize 'revealing the name' of a covert operative. If it did, every introduction of an operative at a cocktail party or a neighborhood picnic would constitute a felony. 'Revealing the name of' is shorthand to describe what the law does criminalize: Intentionally revealing a covert operative as a covert operative, knowing it will blow the operative's cover.

Rove had simply said Wilson went to Niger because of his wife, not his skill, expertise or common sense. It was the clown himself who outed his wife as an alleged 'covert' agent by saying he was not recommended by his wife, and thus the White House must have been retaliating against him by mentioning his wife.

Wilson intentionally blew his wife's 'cover' in order to lie about how he ended up going to Niger. Far from a serious fact-finding mission, it was a 'Take Your Daughters to Work Day' gone bad. Maybe liberals shouldn't have been so insistent about that special prosecutor."
The whole column is a lot of fun as usual.