Thursday, July 14, 2005

How dare they!!?!??!

How dare those Republicans govern based on the priciples they were elected on? Pat Sajak hits it right on the head when it comes to the demise of the Democratic party:
And so they go on and on about a majority party which has the temerity to govern according to the precepts which made it a majority party in the first place. They rant about the lack of bipartisanship as if they had cornered the market on olive branches, while spouting some of the most partisan bile heard in Washington in decades. And, as they become more wild-eyed and maniacal, they turn off more and more voters who can only figure out what they’re against (anything President Bush is for) while wondering what they’re in favor of (other than returning them to power). The Democrats are simply not a viable alternative for most “centrists”.
Read the whole thing.