Friday, July 22, 2005

Suicide Bomber Killed In London Subway

Sky News : 'Bomber' Shooting - Eyewitness Accounts
: "Eyewitnesses have told of their face-to-face encounter with the suspected suicide bomber.

Mark Whitby said he was sitting on the Tube at Stockwell when the man ran in to the carriage.

He described suddenly hearing people shouting 'get down, get down'.

Mr Whitby said: 'An Asian guy ran on to the train. As he ran, he was hotly pursued by what I knew to be three plain-clothes police officers.

'As the man got on the train I looked at his face. He looked from left to right, but he basically looked like a cornered rabbit, like a cornered fox.

'He looked absolutely petrified.

'He half-tripped, was half-pushed to the floor.

'One of the police officers was holding a black automatic pistol in his left hand. They held it down to him and unloaded five shots into him. I saw it. He's dead, five shots, he's dead.'"
Looks to me like England has their stuff together. Thank God they were able to catch this guy before he blew himself up.