Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Did the President help Kaine win?

The more I think about it the more i think that President Bush might have indirectly done more for Tim Kaine's campaign than Jerry Kilgore's. Stay with me here. Yes the visit on Monday was a great experience.But how much could a speech that had very little substance given to already rabid supporters actually help?

Think about this though. It's a well kept secret that the economy in this country is booming. The growth rates outstrip even the Clinton years. And the fact that Clinton owed his fiscal success to the policies of the Republican congress is not a secret. Similarly when Warner was elected he pushed through a tax hike calling it an "investment". This happend right before the national economy started taking off as the Bush tax cuts took effect. As a result of the growing economy Virginia has a huge budget surplus. And Mark Warner, because of his percieved fiscal responsibility, has a %70 approval rating. Kaine then pretends to be Warner v2.0 and gets himself elected in a Virgina that just a year earlier went solidly Republican across the board.

I know that logic is a bit of a reach and I have no actual statistics to back it up. It just struck me as funny that the Bush tax cuts and economic policies may have helped Kaine more than a rally helped Kilgore.