Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I hate being right sometimes.

Well I was right. Sadly. 5 percentage points.

On the bright side Bolling, and (probably)McDonnell will get in. This indicates to me that my analysis is correct in that people reacted negatively to Kilgore's ads, and that Kaine was able to ride Warner's coat tails.

Darnt├ętn has more

And The(Not So) Daily Me has the number break down. He also thinks that Kilgore wasn't conservative enough. I'm not sure I agree, I can't really think of any way that Kilgore wasn't conservative. I think his campaign could have reflected this more maybe. Maybe he could have done less "trust me I'm conservative" and more "here's how I'm a conservative". But oh well.

So where do we go from here? Well Kaine just bought himself a conservative watchdog of a blogger. Who's with me? It should be easy pickings. When he tries to raise taxes with a budget surplus...well that's a fastball we can hit out of the park.