Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A petition

Normally I don't link to or sign online petitions. But this one is a special case. The federally funded ACLU has done incredible damage to this country with lawsuits aimed at stripping Christianity from the public eye. The blog Stop The ACLU has been collecting signatures to petition congress to lift federal funding from the ACLU. They link to another group who has over 100,000 signatures. Please consider adding yours to the list. Here is the link: 100,000 back bill to curb ACLU

Why is this so important you may ask. Well a large majority of people in this country believe in God and are not offended by religious symbols in the public square. These symbols serve to remind us of the passion, sacrifice, and worthiness of our faith. This infuriates oppenets of our faith, and so they resolve to forcibly strip any sort of Christianity out of the public eye. All they need to do to start a lawsuit is find a small group of people who say they are offended. The ACLU will then pass them off as the victims who are getting their civil rights oppressed by having Christianity shoved down their throat.

We should not underestimate the power of the victim card. Some people might not want the cross in Town Square to be taken down, but they also don't want to be accused of religious oppression. When someone else is playing the victim it is easy for the common man to remain passive while the ACLU wins lawsuits that should anger him.

A very similar thing is happening in our schools. Some people want to put Intelligent Design back in school curriculum. They just want this idea presented along with evolution as an alternative that many people hold too. However the liberals who run the school boards are playing the victims and claiming that they are being forced to teach religion. Hans Mast has more on this issue.

We cannot afford to remain passive just because we will be accused of hurting someone's feelings.

Update:Don Surber points out the anti-Christmas war of the ACLU. And that we as taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for it.