Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Year in Congress

It's true that his year the President and conservatives have taken a drubbing in the media. Mostly fabricated things twisted by the not so neutral press in this country. Things like the atrocities in New Orleans, torture in Club Gitmoe, and the Joe Wilson affair were all blown hugely out of proportion by the media with the sole purpose of demonizing W. And it worked to an extent, Bush's approval ratings dropped very low.

Now however they are back up to around %50, and it's getting harder for the media to keep the democrats from looking like raving moonbats.

But all of that is just politics, the battle for public opinion and focus. But posturing, grandstanding, and hyperbole aside this has been a good year for the conservative agenda. Spending caps, Free Trade, Tort Reform, and Judicial appointments have all come out for the good this year.

Polipundit, one of my favorite blogs, has a roundup that should not be missed. The Year in Congress

Next time a liberal or democrat tries to taunt you about how bad a year it was for Republicans, just list some of the things in that article and then point out that literally the only thing the Dems have accomplished is blocking parts of our agenda and undermining the war effort. They have no answer, and don't know how to change it.