Thursday, December 22, 2005

Welcome to Earth

It seems everywhere you look these days you can see liberals trying to cripple Country's ability to defend itself against terrorists. It's like they weren't even on the planet on 9/11. Whether it's treasonously alerting terrorists to our spying programs or playing politics with the Patriot Act they seem determined to make it easier for the bad guys. It's hard to understand their reasoning, or at least we sometimes really don't want to understand it. But their logic stems from the idea that capitalist America is to blame. If we hadn't oppressed them or been so American-like they would leave us alone and the whole world would be a utopia. This Chomsky style blame-America-first attitude is ripping the country apart.

For example a group wants to put up billboards in North Carolina and New Mexico, two places where it is easier to obtain drivers licenses
WorldNetDaily: Billboard shows terrorist with driver's license: "A controversial billboard showing an Arab terrorist holding a grenade and a driver's license is set to go up soon in both New Mexico and North Carolina, two states where it is comparatively easy for immigrants to secure ID.

The billboard is sponsored by New York-based Coalition for a Secure Driver's License, which says the campaign 'is aimed at state governments who have failed to implement driver's license reforms that would strengthen our nation against terrorism.'"
Not a bad thing right? Help fight terrorism, ensure everyone is abiding by the laws. Sounds good right? Well the liberals don't like it because:
Some residents of the state are unhappy with the proposed billboards.

"I am a little bit disturbed by the content (of the billboard) and the stereotypes that people of Middle Eastern origin are subjected to," Abdel Aziz, a Moroccan-born scientist who lives in Santa Fe, told the paper. "This does not help the security goals of our country. We need to be holding hands together to be fighting both terrorism and bigotry. This just polarizes our nation."

Lydia Pendley of the Interfaith Alliance of Northern Mexico said she was "tremendously disturbed by this organization using this image connecting Arab men (and immigrants) with violence and then the idea that giving immigrants driver's licenses will promote terrorism in our country."
OK first of all it's not a billboard that's going to associate Arab men with's the Arab men who blow up innocent people around the world who will do that!!! What planet are these people from anyway?

And I'm sorry, I am not going to hold hands with any terrorist just to fight bigotry. I will hold hands with an Arab all day, as long as he's not a terrorist. And guess what's a good way to figure that out.....check to see if he's in the country legally. You cannot fight a war if you are afraid of hurting everyone's feelings. The fact is that most of our enemies right now are Islamo-facists of Arab descent. It sucks for the nice peaceful Arab people, but it's going to happen. Hurt feelings can be repaired, exploded bodies cannot.

If the libs ran this Country I'm sure that our foreign policy would look something like this:
First, bar law enforcement at all levels from taking race, ethnicity, national origin and religion into account when assessing radical Islamic terror threats. (But continue to allow the use of those factors to ensure "diversity" in public-college admissions, contracting, and police- and fire-department hiring.)

Second, institute the "Eenie-meenie-miny-moe" random-search program at all subways, railways and bus stations.
Liberals cannot be trusted to run this Country on any level. It's just not safe. Look what happened in Spain, France, and England.