Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Well a lot has happend since I last updated. i will try to hit most of it and then try to be more consistent. I hope there are still people reading.

Coming Together, Pulling Apart
The past three weeks have seen Howard Dean call the war in Iraq "unwinnable" and "just plain wrong". Jack Murtha, who is completely above reproach because he was in Vietnam, has said that we should pull out immediately, and that our military is "broken". John Kerry has gone on national tv and called our troops terrorists. This apparently is the democratic plaform's idea of supporting the troops. Telling the world that what they are doing is morally wrong, and that they should immediately surrender. This is beyond partisan bickering, they are taking sides against their own country. Joe Lieberman went to Iraq and came back reporting that a lot of good was being done by our troops, that our endeavors were quite successful, and that the end was in sight. However instead of getting support from his party he was publically rebuked by party leaders. And he was largely ignored by the press, they only reported what he was saying while reporting about how Dean and Co. were unhappy with him. On the liberal websites he was accused of being a "Bushie".

So as the Dems fail to come up with any sort of orginial ideas or even a platform that involves more than screaming about Bushitler they are content give speeches and interviews that are undiscernable from propaganda distributed by our enemies. The lines in the donkey party are being drawn, they are being drawn closer together as they make statements that pull this country apart.