Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Freedom of" not "Freedom From"

Check this out!
Stop The ACLU: "It is happening all across the nation. The ACLU sue city counsil after city counsil over praying in Jesus name. They don’t sue to stop all prayer, but in every case the target has been Christian prayer. They even fought for the right of a Wiccan to pray at a counsil meeting. Many times it doesn’t even take a lawsuit. They just type up a threatening letter and that does the trick. This was the case in Fredericksburg. But one man isn’t taking things lying down.

Fredericksburg City Councilman Hashmel Turner has filed suit against his fellow council members, saying the council’s newly adopted prayer policy violates his constitutional rights.

Turner is being represented by the Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit group that advocates for free expression issues.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Richmond, asks the court to rule that the city’s prayer policy is unconstitutional, and to order that Turner be allowed back into the council’s prayer rotation.

The council voted 5-1 in November to adopt a policy of offering non-denominational prayers devoid of any Christian or other specific religious references."
Amazing. The ACLU is actively anti-Christian. They interpret "Freedom of religion" to mean "Freedom from Christianity". They want to "protect" the council from having to hear a Christian prayer. Don't be fooled by that stupid "non-denominational" stuff, to them it's just not Christian therefore it's good.

Look it's very simple. America is great because we can pray to any god, not because we can pray to no god. The only person who's civil liberties are being violated is the Baptist Preacher who is being told he can't pray according to his own religion.

And your tax dollars are paying for it. Go here to sign the petition.