Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So you want to blend in with the liberals at their solstice party? details the emaciating process of becoming a liberal weenie.
Right Wing Nation » So You’re Going to a Solstice Party: "If you want to pass as a liberal, you have to learn to talk like one. And the first part of the process it learning how not to talk like a rational human being.

First, slap yourself everytime you catch yourself saying, “I think,” or “I believe,” or “The facts are …” or something similar. Reality is irrelevant to liberals, and even mentioning it will immediately identify you as an evil, corporatist, Rove spy.

Instead, say, “I feel that …” Liberals love to talk about how they all feel. Stand in front of a mirror and “share your feelings” with your reflection until you can do so with a straight face (liberals have no sense of humor). In between “feelings sharings,” throw in a few narcissistic “self-esteem raising exercises,” like, “I love you, you’re the most important person in the whole world!”"
It's funny becaues it's true!! Read the whole thing it just gets better!