Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It aint over til.....

The really ugly lady from California sings. And sing she did. Diane Fienstein is staking out her position as the "Lady from California who is not as insane as Nancy Pelosi". She gave in to reality and admitted that it will be impossible to Bork Judge Alito.
Feinstein Warns Against Alito Filibuster - Yahoo! News: "WASHINGTON - A Democrat who plans to vote against Samuel Alito sided on Sunday with a Republican colleague on the Senate Judiciary Committee in cautioning against a filibuster of the Supreme Court nominee.

I do not see a likelihood of a filibuster,' said Sen. Dianne Feinstein (news, bio, voting record), D-Calif. 'This might be a man I disagree with, but it doesn't mean he shouldn't be on the court.'

She said she will not vote to confirm the appeals court judge, based on his conservative record. But she acknowledged that nothing emerged during last week's hearings to justify any organized action by Democrats to stall the nomination.

'If there's a filibuster of this man based on his qualifications, there would be a huge backlash in this country,' said Sen. Lindsey Graham (news, bio, voting record), R-S.C. He is one of 14 centrist senators who diffused the Senate's showdown over judicial filibusters last year, saying such a tactic is justified only under extraordinary circumstances."
So we've got a senior Democrat and all of the Republicans of the "Gang of 14" saying that there is no extraordinary circumstance surrounding Alito.

Fienstein's biggest split from the Democratic/Media party's talking points was separating Conservatism from extremism. She said that she admits that she doesn't agree with Alito on everything, but that he's still a good lawyer and does have the credentials to sit on the SCOTUS. And that's pretty amazing, probably as close as we are going to get to acceptance from a Democrat.

The Kennedy's and the Schummers and the Mathew's have been running around accusing Alito of being Conservative like it's a crime. And it's not working for them. People who are not already angry at him for being Conservative(NARAL, NOW, CNN etc) aren't getting angry, normal people don't think Conservatism is that bad.

While Feinstein's admittance is a good sign, I almost wish that she would come out raving mad about Alito being nominated. Alito is a cool cookie and looked awesome while the Dems on the committee ranted and raved and then interrupted him constantly. That is the image I would rather the American people have of the Democratic party. I guess I'm just not used to the libs being sensible. But maybe it will catch on.

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UPDATE:Turns out I had nothing to worry about. The Dems came up with another way to look bad today:
enate Democrats have scrapped a "good-faith" agreement they made two months ago to allow the Judiciary Committee to vote today on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr.
"This is a new low in our confirmation process," said Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican. "Not only because it is virtually unprecedented, but also because it reflects a breach of trust."
Hooray for the Dems. Thank goodness they are avoiding anything that looks like cooperative, well-meaning, nice, good intentioned, or smart. Keep it up guys.