Friday, March 10, 2006

Amen! - No investigation needed: "As chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I — along with Vice Chairman Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va. — have been briefed on the details of this program since 2003. I believe this terrorist surveillance capability is legal and constitutional.

The courts have long recognized that the president has the authority under the Constitution to conduct 'warrantless' surveillance for the purposes of collecting foreign intelligence.

While Congress enacted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to establish procedures for foreign intelligence surveillance, this law did not, indeed cannot, extinguish the president's constitutional powers. FISA provides one way for him to conduct foreign intelligence surveillance, but not the only way.
Those who condemn the formation of the subcommittee want an election-year investigation with the accompanying partisan rancor. An investigation might serve a political purpose, but the subcommittee serves a national security purpose.

It's the constitutional duty of the executive branch to make the tough decisions necessary to win wars. That's not the case for the legislative branch, which has the luxury of criticizing actions with the benefit of hindsight. When it comes to national security, we should fight the enemy, not each other."
Finally I am able to point to an instance that Congress has it's head on straight. Well close enough anyway.