Friday, March 31, 2006

I am really confused over this issue. This drama over the Mexican flag is being carried out in various places from Texas to Arizona. And in this case it was the Principle of a school who caused the problem.

Reagan High School Principal Robert Pambello was ordered to remove a Mexican flag Wednesday morning that he had hoisted below the U.S. and Texas flags that typically fly in front of his school — a symbol he agreed to fly to show support for his predominantly Hispanic student body.

At nearby Hamilton Middle School, a child was asked to wipe off Mexican and U.S. flags painted on his face. Hundreds of other students carried Mexican flags during walkouts Wednesday — acts of protest that they vow to continue until Congress rejects legislation that would further restrict immigration
Now there may be something important that I am missing. But didn't these people come to this country....specifically because it isn't Mexico? If you love Mexico so much why did you leave? Why did you sneak across the border at night? Why did you pack yourselves in to trucks and sneak in? And if you are so in love with Mexico and think Mexico is so much better than the USA then why don't you go back? It's a lot easier to get in to Mexico than to get in to the USA.

Now I've heard the argument that you put the flag up because you are proud of your heritage. This to me makes it worse. As I talked about in my previous post, I am all for people coming to this country to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities here. But when you want to fly the Mexican flag above the American one, and demand that we respect your heritage; then basically you are saying that you, as a Mexican, have some sort of right to come to this country illegally, damage our economy while supporting your precious Mexican economy and get angry when we treat you like criminals. Is that what you are trying to say? I can't help think so when I see images like these or these.

I have no problem with Mexicans, or Mexicans being Mexican in this country. But this isn't Mexico, and we resent the idea that you want to turn it in to Mexico North. If you want to come here and be American then I have no problem with that. And so do a lot of red blooded Americans. It shouldn't surprise you that we get indignant and don't approve of your behavior. And we are absolutely within our rights to make laws against you. If youi do not abide by the law so you do not get to have a say in the making of new laws. And it's apparent that our current laws are not sufficiant, or at least our enforcement isn't effective. So right now all these protests and flag hangings and shows of support are doing nothing more than working towards getting stiffer laws made regarding illegals.

Honestly this whole issue saddens me. I want to be able to cheer with the Mexicans that they have found a new home in a great country with wonderful opportunities. But I can't when they take this country's opportunties for granted behave like it is their right to flaunt our laws. It just doesn't work that way.

Thanfully we have a Senate Majority Leader and a House that agree we need better enforcement before we can have any kind of amnesty.

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