Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Whining From Hollywood

There has been a lot of whining coming from Hollywood lately. This is good news since it's mostly hard left Hollywood who is whining, which means the right people are being made angry.

We'll start with Paul Verhoven who directed the original Basic Instinct movie back in the early 90's. The sequel, Basic Instinct 2, bombed at the box office last weekend. It got crushed by the silly animated animals of Ice Age 2. So he decides that of course it's Bush's fault
Paul Verhoeven, director of the first "Basic Instinct" (which scored $353 million worldwide) as well as the widely ridiculed "Showgirls" (now regarded as something of a camp classic), attributes the genre's demise to the current American political climate.

"Anything that is erotic has been banned in the United States," said the Dutch native. "Look at the people at the top (of the government). We are living under a government that is constantly hammering out Christian values. And Christianity and sex have never been good friends."
Yeah too bad that BI 2 was banned...oh wait....IT WASN'T!!!! Does he know what banned means? It means nobody is able to watch it. But that movie was made, it's comercials were all over tv, there weren't even any protests outside theaters asking for it to be banned. So the only reason the movie didn't do well was because nobody was interested. Whiner!

Oliver Stone gets in on the action too. He's complaining that Hollywood actors aren't taken seriously enough when they bash Bush;
The Vietnam veteran, who is a fierce opponent of the US leadership, is appalled every time a celebrity is rudely mocked for making his or her thoughts about PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH and the war in Iraq public, and he urges journalists to be more supportive. The NATURAL BORN KILLERS director says, "We're Hollywood wackos and all that stuff, left-wing... (It's) an easy and facile dismissal. "I'm still a citizen, I've served my country as a veteran, I've had many jobs before the film business. I know something of life, having lived to this age. "We have a right to speak and every time we speak: 'You're an actor, a showbusiness director,' we're making it up! "This is not a way of dealing with people. This is slander."
First of all I don't know who he thinks is slandering him, the press cannot contain their excitement when reporting on the latest Hollywood lame-brain to bash Bush. What he's really upset about is the people who read these reports not taking them seriously. Sorry Ollie, if you knew something of life then you would know that you have to earn the right to be taken seriously. People don't dismiss actors and directors because they work in Hollywood, they dismiss actors and directors because of what they have said and done while working in Hollywood. Take Charlie Sheen for example:
Sheen pointed out that eyewitnesses recounted hearing what sounded like bombs and explosions coming from the basement levels of the buildings and discounted the theory that the damage to the towers’ lobbies was the result of fireballs traveling 110 feet down elevator shafts.
The father of two also questioned whether a plane actually hit the Pentagon and how President George Bush was able to see the first plane hit the north tower, when no live footage of that incident was carried.
“I guess one of the perks of being president is that you get access to TV channels that don’t exist in the known universe,” the actor-turned-pseudo-intellect quipped.
“It is up to us to reveal the truth,” Sheen asserted. “We owe it to everybody’s life who was drastically altered, horrifically that day and forever. We owe it to them to uncover what happened.”
So according to Oliver Stone to not take Mr.Sheen seriously is slander? Of course it is. If you've ever met a hard-left liberal you know that any critisicsm of their argument is a personal attack. And dismissing it outright is like shooting their mother. No Mr.Hollywood liberal of the month, as long as you keep making ridiculous claims and then whining about it when people don't believe you(instead of offereing rational proof) you are not to be taken seriously.

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