Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What's this? What's this? -NBR

Black Democrats from a normally solid blue state endorsing a Republican?

From CNS News:

President Bush told African-Americans two years ago that the Democratic Party was taking them for granted, and this year, a growing number of African-Americans apparently are starting to believe it.
On Monday, a group of black leaders in the Maryland suburbs of Washington endorsed Republican U.S. Senate candidate Michael Steele. Former Prince George's County Executive Wayne Curry said he'd examined Steele and could vouch for the fact that he doesn't have horns.
"The [Democratic] Party acts as though when they want our opinion, they'll give it to us. It's not going to be like that anymore," said Curry, who joined with several other black Democrats in endorsing Steele for Senate.

I predict this will be a continuing trend as more black people realize that it is in the Democrats best interest to keep them as victims. Does that sound harsh? Remember the way Democrats campaign is by expressing how they feel. Their main political philosphy is basically: We feel your pain, and Republicans don't. And it's easiest to empathize with someone who considers themselves a victim.

This is actually big news, if this group of people suddenly endorsed a Dem instead of a Republican you can bet your bloomers it would lead of CBS Evening News.

NBR=Not Being Reported