Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Response to Kerry's Joke

I have waited a couple of days before commenting on Kerry's "get educated or you will get stuck in Iraq" joke. The reason I have is because I thought it would be cool to let a member of our military respond. I have recently been in contact with member of our esteemed military who was nice enough to allow me to publish his feelings on the matter.

His name is Bo Miller he serves in the 159th USAF Combat Support Wing and is a vet of both Afghanistan and Iraq. I have not edited his comments, and I'm happy to serve as a platform for him. So without further ado:
Few members of congress have been as reckless and irresponsible with words and actions as John Kerry. Whether characterizing Vietnam vets as homicidal, drug addicted monsters or Iraq war veterans as hooligans terrorizing women and children, he has been no friend to our service men and women both in word and deed.

I realize that John Kerry is himself a veteran and I do not question the integrity of his service in vietnam (though some well respected and revered veterans do,) but what he has done since becoming a member of congress is, I believe, very questionable.

As an airman serving in Iraq, I heard John Kerry's famous words on the campaign trail in 2004 "Wrong war. Wrong place. Wrong time!" to thunderous applause and I remember how I felt. Disgust, dissapointment, rage, and finally...sadness. "How could a public servant say that about us while we are still here?" I asked. "Doesn't he understand what that could do? Doesn't he see that something like this could only embolden the enemy we are fighting? Doesn't he understand what we are trying to do here? Can't he see that the our enemy (who also happens to be the enemy of a free Iraq) wants to divide us and that he is playing right into their hands?" His words give aid and comfort to the enemy, but they don't give an airmen behind the trigger of a mini-.50, who is flying overhead observation fire support for ground troops in a known hostile area much comfort or inspiration, though.

If you are against the war...fine. But as a member of congress you must choose your public statements carefully. You need to consider the weight of your words and what sort of effect they will have on the people concerned. This man does not, and as far as I can see, never has.

John Kerry obviously loves the applause and adoration of an audience and constantly wants more of it so he says things that he thinks will get it. This explains some of the boneheaded and faintly insulting things he has said about our military and country over the years. I understand his enjoying the adoration of an audience and desire for more of it, but that's why people become musicians and rappers and dancers...they don't run for congess!

The idea that only uneducated "losers" join the military is ridiculous, but a common belief among hard-left democrats. They believe that the military is a haven for drop-outs, illegal aliens and people who could not otherwise accomplish anything any other way. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I served with men and women who were honors students, valdictorians, and academic scholarship winners.who joined the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines because they felt it was the right thing to do. Because it would be good for them and their country, not because they were losers or failures. Some of the finest men and women in our country are serving in Iraq, and they deserve John Kerry's respect, not to be the butt of his ridiculous jokes and selfish political ambitions.

I have read that John Kerry has "apologized" for offending servicemen, but I don't buy it. John Kerry is all about John Kerry and he cares little about the military or anyone else. This man does not deserve to be in the office he holds and should be held accountable for the words he says. The only redeeming quality I see from his current insulting statement is that he has finally put the nail in the coffin of his presidential hopes.

God bless America and our troops in Iraq. Give 'em hell, boys!

-Bo Miller, USAF
Thank you very much Bo, for your comments and your service.

It's true that John Kerry has appologized....after he apologized to "no one". Once a flip-flopper always a flip-flopper.

He claims that he botched a joke meant to insult the intelligence of the President. That may be true, who knows with this guy, but even if it is he accidentally stated the standard Democratic ideal of our military. Democrats always portray the military as butchers/torturers , idiots, or victims. Want proof? After these comments got out and were making a stir Democrats and the liberal media types were bending over backwards to point out that Kerry loves the troops he just hates the President who put our poor boys in harms way. So the President is an idiot and the troops are victims.

And a US senator making "our President is stupid" jokes during war time is despicable enough on it's own. I mean this guy wanted to be President! I have a feeling his '08 run plans are out the window. Especially when there is an identifiable trend of military disrespect.

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