Friday, January 26, 2007

James Webb's rebuttal

John Hawkins of Right Wing News made me laugh with his translation of James Webb's rebuttal to the SOTU. 

(10:16) There are two big differences between Democrats and Republicans. We like socialism, Republicans oppose socialism. Republicans want to fight terrorism; we do not.

(10:18) The proletariat realizes that the bourgeoisie is robbing them blind and only by giving the workers power through the Democrats, can we level the playing field.

(10:20) My family and I served in the military, so when I say to surrender to Al-Qaeda in Iraq, you can trust me!

(10:21) The President recklessly took us into this war. No one wanted to go except him (And the majority of Democrats in the Senate).

(10:22) We've got to move forward in the war on terror by surrendering -- strongly!

(10:23) Oh, good grief, now he's comparing today's situation to when the robber barons and monopolies were running industries.

(10:23) Dwight Eisenhower didn't cut and run in Korea, despite what Webb seems to think.

Quick Final Thoughts: Still, James Webb did better than the average Democratic rebuttal -- although that's not exactly hard.

Source: Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views)