Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Troop Surge already showing benefits.

There has been much opposition to the "troop surge" that the President is enacting in Bahgdad. Even some Republicans (usual suspects) have opposed it.

But the truth is that it's already showing benefits as Jack Kelly details in this article.

First, al Qaida appears to be retreating from Baghdad. A military intelligence officer has confirmed to Richard Miniter, editor of Pajamas Media, a report in the Iraqi newspaper al Sabah that Abu Ayyub al Masri, the head of al Qaida in Iraq, has ordered a withdrawal to Diyala province, north and east of Baghdad.

Mr. al Masri's evacuation order said that remaining in Baghdad is a no-win situation for al Qaida, because the Fallujah campaign demonstrating the Americans have learned how to prevail in house to house fighting, Mr. Miniter said.

"In more than 10 years of reading al Qaida intercepts, I've never seen (pessimistic) language like this," he quoted his intelligence officer source as saying.

Hmm the message seems to mean that terrorists only respect force. Trying negotion and diplomacy with these people got us where we are today.

Last Friday al Sadr ordered the 30 lawmakers and six cabinet ministers he controls to end the boycott of the government he ordered two months ago. AP writer Steven Hurst described this Monday as "a desperate bid to fend off an all out American offensive."

Despite this, Mr. Maliki consented to the arrest that same day of Abdul Hadi al Durraji, al Sadr's media director in Baghdad. Mr. Sadr said Saturday some 400 of his supporters have been arrested in recent days.

So the troop surge is already working on the military and political levels and the new troops haven't even made it over yet.

So the question becomes: why the opposition. Easy answer? Bush did it.

Read the whole article: Jack Kelly