Monday, February 19, 2007

You just have to laugh

 This made me chuckle this morning(yes I said chuckle, it's an underused word imo).

Turns out that someone is finally putting all this silly global warming hysteria to good use.

Apparently global warming gives you 6-pack abs and %2 body fat.

Diesel, the fashion brand, now offers a fresh take on the specter of a globally warmed planet:

More beaches!

In print ads promoting its spring/summer collection, the Italian-based clothing company depicts landscapes that have been transformed by environmental disaster. The proud buildings of Manhattan and the presidential faces of Mount Rushmore are half-submerged in water from melted glaciers. Paris is a steamy jungle. Life looks pretty awesome, though. Diesel's models are dressed fashionably if barely (to accommodate the weather) and they lounge amid this hip dystopia in glamorous unconcern, fanning themselves or applying suntan lotion to one another's tawny backs.

I wonder what's next.

Source: High-Water Marketing -