Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fred Thompson is my Candidate

I am officially endorsing Fred Thompson for President. I believe that he will bring non-Washington DC insider solutions to America's problems. He takes a very strong small government stance. And he truly believes that the freedom, hope and industriousness of the American people will let this country flourish they way it should.

Some people have criticized him for entering the race late. I think it was a brilliant move because while he was preparing to enter the race he was writing for NRO, Townhall, and Real Clear Politics. His views on the issues are available in very clear form in these venues.

I really really hate most campaign "stump" speeches that I hear. I'm not big on canned talking points. But I believe that Fred has the ability to communicate very effectively without using talking points. His background as an actor and a litigation lawyer will allow him to communicate his views in a manner that will focus on the issue itself rather than on the spin.

You can even ask him a question yourself: Ask Fred

Here is a rundown of Fred's positions:

Friendship With Israel

Immigration Reform

Free Market Fix for Social Security

Family Values and Marriage

Four Pillars Of National Defense

Anti-Pork Barrel Spending

Yesterday George Allen and Bob McDonnell were announced as Co-Chairs of the Fred Thompson campaign in Virginia. I'm looking forward to working with them and blogging about the experience. You can read about their press conference over at Virginians for Fred Thompson.

Also yesterday Fred was endorse by the National Right To Life Foundation which is exciting.