Friday, November 16, 2007

Hillary Does it again

During the previous Democratic debate Hillary was lambasted for trying to take both sides of an issue. Her response? Blame the men for picking on the woman. In a speech shortly after the debate she called the current field of presidential candidates a "boys club". Additionally her campaign staff (including Bill) went around saying that the mean ol'Men were attacking the helpless woman (I'm paraphrasing, slightly....very slightly).

In the most recent Democratic debate, held last night in Las Vegas, one of the moderators asked her about her "boys club" comment. Hillary proceded to explain how she isn't playing the gender card. But then immediately after she actually plays it! Check out the video over at Ian Schwartz's site:

Video: Hillary Plays Gender Card While Explaining She Doesn’t Use It : Ian Schwartz

To quote her "I think it is clear from woman’s experiences from time to time there may be some impediments". She cannot resist the warm blanket of moral unassailability that comes from invoking feminism.

Sadly, for her, REAL leaders cannot take both sides of issues, say what they think people want to hear and then bask in the adulation they assume is due them because of their race, gender, or sexual orientation. And Clinton is not a real leader, she is a politician with an agenda. And she will do whatever it takes to procure the power to advance her agenda. Her drive and ruthlessness is not something we should underestimate.

And finally, I watched some of the debate last night. And I think I have to protest that term being used at this event. There was no debate, it was just a bunch of cheeseball interview type questions that allowed the candidates to get their rah-rah moments. What a joke.