Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Big Mac

So McCain wins Florida. And probably the nomination.

McCain Beats Romney to Win Fla. Primary

Barring some miracle neither Romney or Huckabee will be able to win the nomination at this point. Especially since Guliani has pulled out and will endorsed McCain.

This is very tough for me. I can only hope that McCain is serious that he wants to unite the Republican party around conservative principles. However I am dubious and feel as if this is campaign speech pandering.

I'm not one to fool myself, I can read the writing on the wall as well as anyone. As much as I don't like John McCain he will get the nomination. Or at least it's his to lose. So let's try to look on the bright side.

-He's very electable. He leads in polls against Clinton and Obama.
-His electability might give him coattails. And a Republican house and senate is the best way to keep him from acting like a Democrat
-His foreign policy is stellar, the troops will be safe and confident in their mission

Man this is hard. I can't get past his anit-tax cut, anti-business stance. Or McCain Feigngold. Or his amnesty-laced immigration bill.

He will probably end up being like a Republican Bill Clinton (sans infidelity), everyone will like him but he won't be able to accomplish the agenda or goals of his party.