Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A big part of the nasty attacks on our President and the current administration have come in the form of screaming about Halliburton. I'm sure you've heard it "We only went to Iraq so that Halliburton and Dick Cheney could proffit from the oil". Bushhaters also like to call Dubya a moron using his frequent oral gaffes as examples. But this presented them a problem in that they can't call him an evil corrupt genius beceause that's acknowledging that he has some intelligence. Their solution? Call Dick Cheney the "Evil puppet master" using Bush and the Presidency to make millions using Halliburton.

And it has worked to a point. Most people don't even know what Halliburton is. They only know that it has something to do with oil and Cheny is involved. The impression is that it's a big corrupt corporation like Enron. I even have a friend who hates John Kerry but won't vote for Bush because he sees their ticket as a tool of big business. Nevermind that this administration has been tougher on big business than any in recent memory. They have taken down Enron, Tyco, and Adelphia not to mention Martha Stewart. And while this might not have been a direct action of the President or Vice President, it can't be said that they are "looking out for their rich buds" either.

Does this stop the screed coming from the Kerry/Edwards ticket? Not in the least as this article demonstrates:
Not surprisingly, there's a lack of consistency here from the Kerry campaign. On the one hand, it criticizes the Bush Administration for not spending money Congress allocated to rebuild Iraq faster. Meanwhile, it criticizes the KBR oil contract needed to get oil flowing quickly. In an interview with this paper in May, Senator Kerry tried to back away from his primary-season labelling of companies that send jobs abroad as "Benedict Arnolds." Now he's back attacking Halliburton for doing business overseas.
So remember, in the debate tonight, when Edwards mentions Halliburton that Dick Cheney isn't making a dime off the contracts in Iraq. And that Bill Clinton was the first administration to offer no-bid contracts to Halliburton.

And here's hoping that Cheney brings up the fact that Edwards suing hospitals has driven the cost of medical treatment to record highs.