Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A lot has been said about the new Intelligence Bill that's been bouncing around the Senate and House. Lots of people are trying to use it to make political hay. Terry McCaulfie(you know the guy who was so effective as the DNC chairman) tried to use this bill along with the aniversery of Pearl Harbor to slam Republicans.

Scott Ott's wonderful satire site had a wonderful point I think:
According to a Congressional insider, negotiators overcame the objections of several House leaders by "making the language in the bill specific enough so that everyone who votes for it can claim to have made America safer, and yet vague enough so that nothing really changes."
Opinion Journal has the lowdown on what the holdup was and why the vote on this bill was delayed. The main reason it turns out was to preserve the chain of command so that our troops can still operate on the same level of excellence that they are today. As many people as want this bill to go through. And as many people who were crying foul at the delay I have just one thing to say. CALM DOWN. Intelligence is something that needs to be reformed and fixed yes. But we need to take our time and get it right. We do not want to spend the rest of this decade fixing intelligence. And the good news is that the bill looks like it has been settled and will go through just fine.